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Magnum Clock Testimonials

“Within the Detroit Tigers strength and conditioning programs, we use timed workouts and rest periods. We use the standard stopwatch to accomplish this; yet, I was seeking out a way to improve how we record time. I contacted Magnum Clock regarding their digital clocks to assist with providing time efficiency. The large and continued display of time has provided the necessary assistance, eliminating time wasted. I highly recommend Magnum Clock! The results have been great! Increased time efficiency and overall work productivity throughout our programs.
Thank you Magnum Clock!”

Chris Walter, CSCS, RSCC*D
Major League Strength & Conditioning Coach
Detroit Tigers

“We recently installed the Magnum Clock at the site of our daily lake swim. The swim known as “Lucky’s Lake Swim” has been held daily for 24 years and thousands of swimmers from around the world participate each year. Because much of the year the swim is done in the dark It has been difficult tracking times, until now.  The display is easily visible during the day, but the numbers are brilliant in the dark.  Because of the clock we are now tracking records, for the first time. This is a welcome addition to Lucky’s Lake Swim and I wish I had installed one years ago.”
Lucky Meisenheimer, M.D.
Lucky's Lake Swim
Orlando, Florida

“We recently built a TV production studio in our offices. Timing was really important to our show, so we needed a large digital clock to let everyone know the correct time. We initially looked at Magnum Clock, but ended up going with a product from another website that was less expensive. The product from the other site was just awful - in any sort of light you couldn't see the numbers. When we asked if there was anything they could do, we were told to reduce the amount of light in the room - which in TV production really can't happen! This was the 11th hour before we launched our show and were in a jam. I called Dale at Magnum Clock to see if his product would work better. He assured me it would. I called very late on a Tuesday afternoon with my order, and I was amazed when his clock arrived Thursday morning - we'd waited nearly a month for the other one! The Magnum Clock worked perfectly, and we couldn't be happier. A great product and even better customer service has us sold on Magnum from now on!”
Chip P.
Vice President of Communications

“Thank you again for the express shipment of the Magnum clocks. They arrived the Thursday prior to our first home game. Your clocks replaced some ordinary looking analog clocks in the Cardinals main locker room and our training room. The Magnum Clock was a vast improvement over the ones we were using. The clock can be easily read from anywhere in the locker room. The remote control made setting the time very, very easy. And the red numbers fit in perfectly with our team colors!
Thank you for your assistance with this project.”

John Drum
Vice President, Stadium Operations
Arizona Cardinals Football Club

“I just wanted to let you know that the clocks are exactly what we were looking for in terms of features and visibility. We are using these clocks to keep our leadership team on time during our Daily, Weekly, Monthly Huddles!
We launched the clocks nationally last week and we have 31 total buildings using these clocks daily at 5am across the country.
Thank you for your partnership and we look forward to continued support from Magnum Clock!”

Chris Hunter
Distribution Evolution Manager
Red Bull Distribution Company

“We used a Magnum Clock at our High School Summer Camp this year and loved it! After camp we decided to make it a permanent addition to our student building. Totally worth it! It is great!”
Josh Griffin
High School Pastor
Saddleback Church

“We used the Magnum Clock for the Lenny Kravitz portion of the 2012 Superbowl in Indianapolis Tailgate show.  We had to cue him at 4:38 seconds into his 60 minute set, which was when he was going "Live" to the TV cameras.  We set the "big Monster", (as we have grown accustomed to calling her) with the TV time and was able to finish one song and lead into the TV song right on Cue.  Thanks so much, couldn't have done it without Dale and Magnum Clock.”
Diane Whitley
Lenny Kravitz

“Our church has been searching for years for a large visible clock to hang on the back wall of the sanctuary. The clocks we found were either too small to be legible, or extremely expensive. We finally found a great value on-line and in-stock at Magnum Clock. The Pastor and Music Director are thrilled to be able to monitor and stay on time during the service with just a glance at the bright LED Magnum Clock!”
Cindy B.
Gun Lake Community Church

“I have ordered three TT6060S clocks from Magnum Clock and could not be happier!!! I own a race timing business and these are the perfect clocks for the events. They have three levels of brightness, can be seen 200 feet away at least, they are lightweight but big enough to see and easy to use. They come with count down, count up and a slew of other things they can do… seconds, minutes, hours… take your choice.
Their warranty is phenomenal and they stand behind their products 200%. They are nice, they are  reasonably priced, they work well, they are extremely bright. I love these clocks!
The customer service and the responsiveness to email is astounding! I am in the customer service business. Magnum Clock is by far one of the most esteemed vendors I have the pleasure of doing business with. They have my total admiration and respect for their astounding service, support and products! If you want a clock and need customer service… LOOK NO FURTHER!
Thank you, Magnum Clock for always being ready, willing and able to help me. You guys are the exceptional!”

Deb T
Chip-2-Chip Race Timing
Allen, Texas

“Dear Friend,
I’m very happy with the new clock!  Excellent shipping!  Excellent packing!  Timely delivery!  This is just what I need!  Thanks!”

Pastor Allan
Riverdale Church

“No one wears a watch anymore because they use their cell phone to check the time (and voice mail, and email, and text, and game scores, etc.)  I put four Magnum Clocks on the walls and banned cell phones in the work area - for safety reasons ;).  As a result, my employees are more attentive to their work and more prompt with their lunch and break times.”
Joseph H.
Warehouse Manager

“We received our clock in record speed, thank you!
We installed it in short order and it works perfectly.
It is just what we need to keep our chapel programs and speakers on our tight time schedule.”

The Rev. Dr. Fred Foy Strang
Dean, Peeke School of Christian Mission
King College
Bristol, Tennessee

“We manage several Gyms and our customers LOVE the Magnum Clock because they can work out with their glasses off!”
Sandra S.
Fitness Center Owner

“Magnum Clock may have saved my life...  I was of risking life and limb by climbing up a ladder to change the time on my old analog clock.  My favorite feature of my Magnum Clock is the remote control!”
Carlos R.
Recreation Department Facility Manager

“We purchased our Magnum Clock for use in our new Worship Center/Family Life Center for multiple uses.  Our Upward coaches stay on track with practice times and our music directors and most of our pastors stay on course during the Sunday morning worship services.  This clock can be easily read from the stage area as well as the gym.  Having a remote control has made setting the time very easy.  Thanks again for your expedient shipping and great customer service!”
Becky R.
Cape Carteret Baptist Church
North Carolina

“We are using a Magnum clock/timer for the timing of machine set-ups.  The goal is to continuously measure our set-up times and look for ways to reduce it.”
Joe M.
Operations Manager
KLH Industries

“Working for a non-profit swim club with a small budget, I seek the best price...  In addition, as a swimmer and coach, I want quality, easy-to-use, visible, accurate clocks.  Magnum Clock has been perfect!  I ordered one clock to see if it would work in a pool environment...  I just installed three more because I like them so much!  I also sent an email to over 100 coaches telling them that the TT4060 (or TT5060 or TT6060S) might be a perfect match for their needs!  The four modes (clock, count up, count down and timer), the remote control, the brightness settings and more are fantastic!
Thanks for providing a great product and great service!”

Scott T.
Swimming Coach (Club, High School, Masters, Triathlon)
Hurricanes Swim Club
Hopkins, Minnesota

“The service I received from you and your company is SECOND TO NONE!  I greatly appreciate this and May GOD BLESS YOU!  I hope to be able to purchase again from you.”
Alberta, Canada

“I'm loving our new Magnum Clock. We purchased the 6" display and have been using it on an outdoor music festival. The clock is about 100 feet away from the artists on a camera platform, in direct sun. Everyone can easily see and read it, and the remote makes setting, starting and resetting incredibly easy!”
Dan N.
Digital Bytes
Salt Lake City, Utah

“A Magnum Clock might go great in your youth room, in your office… or my personal favorite: in the main worship venue, so your senior pastor can see how long his/her sermon is going.  Hahah!  It is great!”
Josh Griffin
High School Pastor
Saddleback Church

“I want to let you know how pleased we are with the two Magnum count-down/up clocks that we purchased for our school's new rifle range.  After a several weeks of research we chose your clock due to its advertised functionality and reasonable pricing.  As we placed our order via your website, we were encouraged by the ease of ordering and pleasant follow-up customer service.  The clocks arrived quickly and we were able to install them the same day in time for practice.  The clocks have proven to function exactly as advertised and remarkably easy to use.  They are a marked upgrade to our range and really contribute to the overall professional conduct of our competitive shooting programs.
Thanks again for you kind assistance throughout.”

Lt.Col. Joseph A. Sharbel, USMC (Ret)
Montgomery Bell Academy
Nashville, Tennessee

“My legally blind mother wanted a clock that allowed her to see the time for herself.  The Magnum Clock is big enough and bright enough to do just that.  It also is so well made that it fits nicely into a private residence, and now the whole family relies on it.”
Orange County, California

“I purchased the Large Digital LED clock as a gift for my Pastor's 5th Pastoral Anniversary in 2011. He had been looking for a clock to hang on the back wall in the Sanctuary that he would be able to view from the pulpit which is well over 100 feet away. Pastor Lucas was all smiles that Sunday morning when he looked up and saw the bright red numbers displayed on his new clock.
The look on his face was priceless.”

Venus C.
Eighth Street Baptist Church
Griffin, Georgia

“The Magnum Clock is vital to the success of our annual user’s forum. The clock’s large, bright numbers facilitate successful presentations, allowing our program to go on without a hitch.
I would give the Magnum Clock a five star rating!”

Laura S.
Enablon North America Corp.
Chicago, Illinois

“We purchased the Magnum Clock in 2012. We choose this clock because it is digital, allowing us to sync it with our time clock system giving accuracy and efficiency. The large digital letters are easy to read from various spots in the building and it can be programmed easily with a remote or directly from the clock. It was a great purchase. It is located in a shop facility where overhead doors can be open for a period of 5 days a week/8 hour days. Even with the accumulation of dust, dirt and debris, our Magnum keeps on running."
Ronalda R.
Randall Oaks Golf Club
West Dundee, Illinois

“I was looking for a quality LED clock with large numerals for our gym. After having surfed the web, I finally decided to order from Magnum Clocks. When I received the clock, I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality build and appearance."
Montreal, Canada

“We originally purchased two 6” Clock/Timers for our temple’s silent auction. We use them to countdown to the bid final closing. Then we purchased two more with external control buttons for our annual pancake eating finals competition and also for our charity fun/run walks. It adds excitement and immediacy to all these events. The clock/timer is very bright, light weight and easy to program with the remote control. We would recommend Magnum Clock not only because the product is great value but also due to the excellent customer service. It shows that they really do care about customer satisfaction because that’s what you get."
Julie D.
Ventura, California

“The Magnum Clock was perfect for our event – Kept us all on track to present through a very tight schedule!!!"
James E. Jackson III, President
Westminster, Colorado

“Thanks Magnum Clock! Just ordered the second clock for the office. Everyone loves the device in the conference room hung over the flat screen TV."
Scott N. Bergman, Esq.
The Law Offices of Scott N. Bergman, LLC
Rockville, Maryland

“With the Magnum clock/timer, I am using two GPIO (General Input Output Interface) pins as an output event, causing a switch closure for resetting the countdown timer at the start of a movie, and then another trigger to start the countdown timer using the external control module option. Both of those events happen at the beginning of the movie... It is a great application for your timer."
Kirby Heintzelman
Engineering Department
Zenith Systems, LLC
Bedford Heights, Ohio