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Magnum Clock Advantages

Many businesses, churches and sports teams are finding that a large Magnum digital LED wall clock offers many advantages over other types of clocks.  The Magnum Clock is big, visible, and easy to set from a distance.  This combination of qualities makes a large digital clock a great way to improve productivity.

To understand the good points about a large digital clock, just consider the disadvantages of an analog version.  An old-style analog clock doesn’t light up, it has small numbers and thin hands that are difficult to see from a distance.  If the analog clock is in a large room, only the people close to it will be able to read it clearly.

The glowing numbers of a large digital LED wall clock are clearly visible, even at a distance.  This is convenient for all, and it emphasizes the time.  Employees know when it’s time to start work, when it’s time to resume work after lunch, and when to quit working.  When employees are simply made more aware of the time, they tend to work more efficiently and use their time more productively.

A large digital clock can be set easily by remote control, a useful feature when the clock is not accessible from ground level.  Older clock technology would require someone to climb a ladder just to set the time.  This potential safety hazard can be avoided by setting the clock remotely.

Anywhere timing is important, a countdown clock can help.  For example, sermons and other church activities must begin and end on time for events to flow smoothly, but it is easy for the speaker to lose track of time.  A glance at a wristwatch can be very distracting and will likely result in a noticeable pause in speech. The best solution is to place a big countdown clock at the far end of the sanctuary so the minister can see it without looking down. The large digital clock will be easy to read at that distance. A large digital countdown clock will provide a clear indication of the time that’s exactly in line with the speaker's eyes.

Another place where a highly visible clock can help is on the sports field.  A large digital coundown clock will allow all the players and fans to see the remaining time in the period and add a level of excitement to the game.

To increase productivity with a large digital wall clock for your business or organization, contact the experts at Magnum Clock.